Good pyjamas shouldn't be a nightmare to find.

Hey, I'm Josh!
When I was looking for new pyjamas, I was struck by how boring they all were. I didn’t want a dated button-down suit, or checked flannel trousers.

There were so many options for underwear and socks on the market – in different colours, patterns and fabrics – but a pair of comfortable, high-quality, reasonably priced pyjamas didn’t seem to exist.

So in January 2018 I set out to create the future of sleepwear – pyjamas that are well-designed, super soft, environmentally friendly, ethically manufactured, stylish, inclusive and not ridiculously expensive.

Introducing Sleep Society: The Pyjamas of your Dreams

I can't wait for you to sleep with us,

Where Fashion Meets Function
We partner with talented independent artists across the globe to create our prints – from hand-painted watercolours to entirely digital colour-blocked artwork.

Our tops all feature 3 buttons for optimal adjustable comfort, and our bottoms have a dropped crotch, extra-deep pockets and an unbelievably soft brushed micro-fibre waistband.

AND, they're all unisex and come in 4 sizes to fit people of all shapes and sizes!
Social Sustainability & Planet Positivity
Our Turkish manufacturing partners produce Sleep Society pyjamas in an organic and ethical factory, a certified “Pioneer of Sustainability”, committed to proactive ongoing efforts towards a more ethical and sustainable planet.

With initiatives including partnerships with the United Nations Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Unit, collaborations with the WWF for habitat conservation, scholarship schemes, sustainability training and social, health and wellness programmes for staff, Sleep Society ensures that when buying a pair of pyjamas, you’ll contribute to the betterment of the local community and the wider world too.
The Wonders of TENCEL™
Sleep Society’s secret weapon: TENCEL™ – a jersey that’s as soft as a cloud and the comfiest thing you’ll ever wear… The fabric is breathable, temperature regulating, and twice as soft as cotton!

Oh, and it’s sustainably sourced and produced from renewable raw Austrian beech wood using surplus renewable energy. Good for the planet = good for you.